Quoted prices are the minimum and serve as a guide only.
Detailed designs are naturally more expensive and priced according to how long they will take, but even the simplest cakes take hours to make.

Minimum cake order is $185 for a 10” x 4” cake covered in fondant with a simple decoration such as a ribbon.
The minimum price for a tiered cake is $300 for a 10” x 4” + 6” x 4” with a simple decoration such as a ribbon and presented on a cake board.

Round single tier cakes start at:
6”  x 4”     $115*
8”  x 4”     $135*
10” x 4”     $185
12” x 4”     $260
14” x 4”     $350

* Only available in a tiered cake
Square cakes are an additional $20 - $50 depending on size.

To work out the cost of a tiered cake, add the cost of each individual tier that you require.

3D Sculpted cakes, such as a Barbie doll cake, start at $200.

Cup Cakes - minimum order of 24
Iced cup cakes start at $3.50 each with simple decorations such as sprinkles etc.
Themed cup cakes with hand made decorations start at $4.50 each.
Premium cupcakes cored with filling are $0.50 extra
Premium cases are also available at extra cost.

Cake Pops - minimum of 24
Starting at $3.50 each for ganache covered pops decorated with sprinkles etc.

Edible Images
Start at $25